Joseph Massey spent 10 years of his career working for Fortune 500 companies like Nortel and FM Global in Dallas, Texas. A personal experience with a family member's addiction issues led Joseph to abandon the corporate fast track and begin a new direction in his life; helping others with addiction problems.

Joseph has more then 7 years combined experience working at all levels of care including detox, residential and outpatient treatment and has worked with both adults and adolescents. After many years of working for other treatment providers Joseph decided to open his own facility focusing on addiction counseling, family, marriage, and identity issues as they pertain to addiction, anger management, and eating disorders.

The profound personal experience of losing a loved one to addiction combined with his many years of clinical experience gives Joseph a unique understanding and ability to help others with addiction problems navigate the path toward personal responsibility and accountability. Joseph’s goal is to enable his clients the freedom to live complete lives and be assets to society. Joseph tailors his approach to each client’s individual needs, using proven methods that support long-term sobriety which leads to happier, healthier lives.