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Counseling Services

Individual Therapy with emphasis on addiction
Let’s face it recovery is a difficult process. As a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) I work with each individual to personalize care that addresses their needs, which includes support in their recovery and learning methods to achieve sobriety. We will work on developing healthy coping skills, identifying triggers and areas that are high risk, removing unhealthy and/or toxic people from your life, ways to support recovery and what day to day sobriety looks like.

Oftentimes this process includes working with families to identify and address issues within the family unit, making amends where needed and working towards healthy family communications. Families are rarely immune to the impact of a family member's addiction. They are sometimes aware of this impact but other times hold resentments and/or anger towards their addicted love one. I help to facilitate a safe environment to repair these impacted areas and work towards healthier and honest relationships.

Couples & Family Counseling with emphasis on addiction
As a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) I use a combination of techniques to help couples who are struggling with addiction related issues and find resources needed if necessary. Clients can expect to work toward identifying the cause of the issues within their relationship and ways to effectively cope and/or change in these areas. I work to help clients grow their relationship potential and explore ways to nurture and honor their relationship. We discuss issues such as trust, communication, fair fighting, intimacy and the importance of quality time. Sometimes issues arise within the family unit and my goal is to help facilitate and address issues such as family of origin issues, learned behaviors, parenting skills and to help facilitate healthy communication strategies within the couple dynamic and family relationships.

Counseling Services

  • Individual (50 Minutes Session)
  • Couple (50 Minute Session)
  • Family (50 Minute Session)

Private Pay Only – No Insurance Billing

We offer a wide variety of services to help clients meet their needs. If you would like more information including current pricing and scheduling. Please call (214) 628-2688 or email below. Our goal is to return all calls and correspondence within 24 hours.

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